Quality and Custom made


Pulcher means "beautiful" in Latin. That is what we stand for. Growing a beautiful quality product.

We are a modern cut-orchidgreenery, specialized in producing large-flowered vines Phalaenopsis orchids, located in Dongen, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.

Our greenhouses cover 1,6 hectares where the plants grow under ideal circumstances for several years. To do so we imitate a tropical climate. Currently we have approximately 15 different varieties of which the largest percentage is white.

The length of the branches is determined by the length of the days. This is a natural phenomenon. By the use of assimilation lighting, we can also achieve high quality long branches in winter.
We grow several million flowers a year and sell these to wholesalers, exporters and retailers all over the world. 


 Lovingly made by Pulcher



The branches that we grow are exclusively to use as a cut-flower. This means that they are to be used in bouquets and arrangements
So it is important that you use an flower tube.

Keep the flowers from direct sunlight and cut the stem diagonally and place it in warm water.This allows you to enjoy your phalaenopsis rank for a long time.


We deliver every day to the auction Flora Holland in Naaldwijk. The flowers are available in 45 or 25 flowers per box.


Custom made

When you have specific requirements about numbers, flowers per branch, packaging requirements, we are happy to be of service.

When you place an order before 8 am, we make sure that the flowers are delivered before 1 pm at the auction in Aalsmeer.
Auction Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg: when you place your order before 8 am, we make sure that the flowers are delivered before 2 pm at the auction.

We work together with Youpost courier service from Dongen


For custom made flowers, packaging etc. you can always call or email us.

T: +31(0)644318489 Bart van Gils

For the complete range please refer to the range .


We advise you to store and transport the phalaenopsis cool.
We (strongly) recommend not to store and transport the phalaenopsis flowers along with fruit. Because of possible ethylene damage.



With a team of 15 people, we passionately work everyday in our greenery.

Time and extreme care ensures the branches to grow to their best potential.
Each flower stem is hand cut, the flowers are counted and the vines are carefully and manually put in the boxes. Quality first.


Bart van Gils